A personal project of Erin Bond, TwoFifteen Records is intended to elevate emerging artists. Artists on the roster will be limited to only a few, but TwoFifteen will also offer additional services on a contractual basis like creation of bios/one-sheets, distribution, and tracking.

TwoFifteen understands that for emerging artists a record release should be a collaborative and creative process and looks forward to working with a wide spectrum of artists and genres.

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About Erin

Erin Bond is an award winning radio host with years of experience working in the music industry, most notably as CHSR 97.9FM’s Station Manager in Fredericton. She began volunteering in CHSR’s extensive Music Library in 2011 and quickly immersed herself in both local and independent music. For years, Bond was the one on the receiving end of tracking emails and phone calls from various record labels and promoters, and not only has built a relationship with many of them, but has also learned a lot of invaluable information and skills.

Bond currently hosts the daily CHSR radio program Homemade Jams which is known for being a strong supporter of local and regional music. She also hosts 3 other weekly programs plus the daily morning show, Mornings Are Hard. Erin also sits on various New Brunswick music committees including Fredericton’s Girls+ Rock Camp, Fest Forward, and on the Board of Directors for Music NB.